Can I smile if I'm edgy?

Two weeks ago I was having a casual conversation with Adam when I asked him whether or not he'd mind if I got my nose pierced. He shrugged with a smile and told me that I could if I wanted to.

So I did.

I had originally planned just to go to the piercing place and inquire about it, see how much it would cost, whether I needed to book etc. but then when I was there I just sort of did it.

And it was such a good decision!

Here is the high quality selfie you've all been waiting for.

This was one of approximately a million selfies I took straight after getting it done, this one of the square on, pursed lips variety.

I really, really wanted to get a nose ring but for some reason everything I found online suggested that I should get a stud to start with. However, when I braved the scary staircase in Third Eye up to the piercing shop, the woman reassured me that I could just go right ahead and get a ring.

So I did.

And it really, really hurt. My eyes were literally streaming afterwards, but it was definitely not unbearable.

My main concern was whether I could really pull off a nose ring. Don't you have to be super-cool and edgy? Would I need to purchase a full wardrobe of urban outfitters and cut in a blunt fringe? Any hope of suddenly becoming the brooding, edgy instagram queen was destroyed the moment Adam walked into our house and I bounced around excitedly with a cheshire-cat grin on my face asking him repeatedly if I was edgy yet.

But luckily for me, it still suits a smile.

It was just really satisfying to go and do something a bit wild on a bit of a whim, particularly something that I've had in the back of my mind for almost five years.

And, now, don't I look beautiful?

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  1. It looks so great on you! Definitely suits you well!


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